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Exercise tailored for your needs

Nina, Martha and Isabel have been attending the Gentle Exercise class at Dallas Neighbourhood House since it started in March and are loving it. They attend every week.

Before starting the class Martha was a regular at the Broadmeadows Leisure Centre. Nina was no longer exercising regularly and Isabel said she has never really done any exercise. Despite their different exercise habits and levels of fitness the class meets all of their needs. Our instructor Sam keeps a close eye on everyone to ensure they don’t strain or injure themselves.

All three women admit to being a little bit sore after the first class as is the case with most people when they try a new form of physical activity. Because they now attend regularly each week the soreness has disappeared. The classes are friendly and supportive and everyone just goes at their own pace.

When asked, what exercises they didn’t like, all three replied “everything is good, we are happy with everything”. One of the more noticeable outcomes is that they all feel more flexible. Isabel says it’s easier to bend down and tie her shoe laces.

So what advice do Nina, Martha and Isabel have for someone thinking about joining – “just do it, don’t be nervous”.

The Gentle Exercise class runs on Wednesdays 9.45am-10.45am. Call 9302 2131 to book or for more information.

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