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Student of the Year 2022

Sermin was a unanimous choice for our inaugural Student of the Year award. All three of her teachers said she was a stand-out.

Over this past twelve months Sermin has been enrolled in our Gardening and Horticulture class at Broadmeadows Valley Primary as well as the Digital Literacy and Learn to Sew classes at the Broadmeadows Community Hub. She’s also a regular at our Community Lunch and has most recently joined the Turkish Women’s Group.

Normally the first to arrive, Sermin will help with set up and then be the last to leave once everything’s been packed away. Elissa Simmons, our Gardening teacher, says “Sermin is fantastic at making sure all the garden tools are cleaned after being used. The garden always looks better after she visits. She’s always caring towards others including Fluffy, the school chicken.”

Jack Moon, our Digital Literacy teacher, says “Sermin’s the most consistent of all my students and always makes a positive contribution in class”.

When it comes to the Sewing class, our teacher Alison Dew, says she’s seen Sermin’s self-confidence grow enormously over the year.

Sermin is friendly and welcoming of new students and loves to share her learning with others. She’s a committed student who enjoys being active in the community and meeting new people.

Congratulations Sermin on being our Student of the Year.

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