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Volunteer of The Year 2022

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Neil Barnes has been volunteering his time with us in our Food Parcel Program for just over 12 months now. Initially he would come in on a Tuesday for a few hours to help unload the truck from Foodbank. Then when we were locked down towards the end of 2021 Neil found he had more time on his hands so he started coming on Wednesdays to help pack bags and on Thursdays to help with the distribution.

Neil is incredibly reliable and hard working. He goes above and beyond what’s expected. During last year’s lockdown when we had to move to the Dallas Tennis Club Neil transported goods from location to location countless times. He’s even taken the odd wonky trolley home to fix and was responsible for recruiting his wife Judy as a volunteer. And if you think you’ve seen him somewhere before it’s because he put up his hand to be part of our photo shoot last December for our library of stock images.

Judy tells us that Neil enjoys volunteering at DNH because he likes the people. He fits in well with our team and is well liked by everyone. He’s always got a story to tell and makes everyone laugh.

Neil continues to come in every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday without fail ready to help with whatever’s needed. He’s essential to our Food Parcel Program and that’s why he’s our inaugural Volunteer of the Year.

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