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A thriving diverse community.


Working together with the community to create a safe place for everyone to connect and learn.

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Welcoming: We create a friendly non-judgmental space for our community.

Social Justice: Our work is underpinned by the five social justice principles - access to resources, equity, participation, diversity and human rights.

Ethical: We do the right thing, in an honest, fair and responsible way.

Trust: We listen attentively, treat people respectfully, and are accountable to our community and funders and always act transparently.

Partnerships: We love working with others.


Innovation: We are responsive, flexible, curious, find joy in discovery and continue to evolve.



Dallas Neighbourhood House (DNH) was established in 1990. The then Ministry of Housing and Construction made the property at 22 Calivil Street, Dallas available for use as a community centre. A commitment of funding from Community Services Victoria followed, which enabled programs to commence and the appointment of a paid coordinator. At the time the organisation was being governed by a steering committee under the auspice of the City of Broadmeadows.

The inaugural General Meeting was held on 28 November 1991. In April of the following year, DNH became incorporated and governance was transferred to the community in the form of a voluntary Committee of Management.

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Original DNH location

Diversity Dallas Neighbourhood House
Community Dallas Neighbourhood House


Over the years, program delivery was extended to the Council-owned facility in Widford Street, Broadmeadows, now known as the Broadmeadows Community Hub. It was here that DNH played a vital role in the Broadmeadows Community Neighbourhood Renewal Project that ran 2003-2011.


Throughout its 30 year history, DNH has maintained its commitment to supporting residents from all walks of life. No matter where we’re physically located, our mantra has always been “an open door to community education”.

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